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The benefits of enabling member self-booking sessions in your studio fitness app

Corey Loehr
December 5, 2022
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For fitness studio members, booking classes and keeping track of attendance might be a challenging task. People want to get the most of a gym membership and joining a class or a private session can seem like a sensible and fun solution. The problem is that, to book a session, you will often have to talk to someone from the staff. This is not always a good route for clients, especially the ones that have just started their fitness journey or who are not particularly social outside of organized settings. A self-booking app like Hapana can help solve such problems.

White-label apps such as Hapana can allow your studio members to book classes, workshops, and private sessions on their own. Here are the main reasons why a self-booking app feature would benefit your fitness studio.

Self-booking app makes life easier for employees

Think about how many phone calls your employees get on a daily basis. If you have a growing gym, you are probably “attacked” at every minute by the ring. Your members want to be part of certain programs, especially one-time or “pop up” classes. But to be allowed entrance, they need to sign up.

Answering every phone call and manually signing members up for classes can take away precious time from your staff that they could have used to work on more important tasks. Constantly answering phone calls is also fairly tiresome, especially when dealing with not-always-pleasant clients.

By giving members the option of booking their own classes and sessions, you take one more problem off your employee’s shoulders and give more members a chance to experience everything you have to offer. You’ll be helping not only their sanity but also the productivity of your business.

Self-booking means better preparation

While you can hope that the gym members will contact the staff and book a class, it doesn’t always happen. Gym goers may only go to the studio every few days or may not like talking to the staff. As a result, they might try to simply walk in on their day-off and hope they will be allowed to join.

Most of the time, these sessions are member-only, but  members will still have to sign up. Beyond that, trainers need to know a headcount for their classes; if they don’t, they may not know exactly what to expect, which can make it harder to create a well-flowing class.

By giving the members the ability to book their own classes, workshops, and private sessions through a self-booking tool, your staff can prepare better. They will have a more accurate number, allowing them to prepare things such as teams or program types. If equipment is needed, the staff will know exactly how much they should bring into the room.

Fewer booking mistakes

Mistakes can happen all the time, even for the best. If members can book their own classes, the chances of this happening are lower. Members can carefully select the classes that they want to join, without being booked somewhere else by accident. If they do accidentally book the wrong class, though, they have the option to resolve the issue themselves long before the class starts, which can make the experience more satisfying.

Self-booking means higher class traffic

The problem with booking through the staff is that not everyone may know about the classes. Even if they do know about them, though, not everyone will have time to pop in for a signature, meaning that they lose the opportunity to join. Offering them the ability to book through apps such as Hapana may be very helpful for your session traffic.

By having the ability to book from the app, clients will feel more encouraged to join. They would no longer have to make extra trips to the studio just for the possibility to take part in the classes.

The bottom line

Every fitness studio should offer its members the ability to book classes, workshops, and private sessions through an app. At this point, it is even expected of you. Not only will this make it more comfortable for your clients but will also improve the productivity of your staff.

With Hapana, you can customize your client interface to allow options for self-booking and self-service information updating. Get these benefits and more by trying Hapana today.

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