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Online reviews for gyms: the good, the bad, and how to nail them both

Corey Loehr
August 9, 2022
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Access to the Internet has been a boon for democracy and evolving digital economies, encouraging customers to post reviews, share them on social media and search platforms, and interact with other people regarding their favorite businesses. It’s pretty simple to navigate and read reviews no matter what the service or product may be. Consumers publish customer reviews on everything, and, in the same way, many of them consult them and take reviews into account before making a purchase. Online reviews management for gyms is important; you need to be on top of your company’s online image. Here’s what you need to know about online review management.

Why is online reviews management for gyms essential?

The online review’s original intent was purely informative. Visitors would rate a business according to several criteria to offer a personal viewpoint, insight, real-life experience, or sometimes a little red flag. 

Now, reviews have become a cultural norm that can  greatly influence a customer’s purchasing decision. According to statistics from ReviewTrackers, approximately 94% of consumers avoid a business with negative reviews online. It’s true that people have also decided to work with a company or a professional in major capacities based largely on opinions on the Internet.

Reviews are not just some online customer opinions or part of your gym digital marketing strategy; they represent after-sales service, offer quality validation, and examples of your team’s friendliness, professionalism, and expertise. Customers, especially new customers, tend to roll down the review section of companies’ online listings to decide whether or not they should consider buying a service or a product.

What is customer review management?

Managing customer reviews is to stay on top of everything that is being said about your business, closely follow all customers’ feedback and comments on your services, and respond to them in real time on social networks and other online platforms.

There are many sites that allow customers to leave feedback and reviews. Some of the most important are:

  • Google 
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

If you care about what people say about you, managing customer reviews in these spaces will give you the real picture and constructive ideas to improve your studio business. To sum up, online reviews management for gyms is not about stalking customers’ feedback and reacting quickly; it’s caring, understanding, and learning what clients are saying about your business. 

How online reviews management for gyms brings benefits

Proper online reviews management for gyms have many advantages. It likely contributes to your retention rate, allows you to check the satisfaction of your customers, and constantly works to foster client satisfaction. In addition, monitoring reviews can improve your brand reputation online, which helps to acquire new customers.

How to handle negative reviews with a proper approach

While positive reviews probably are probably your preference, negative reviews can actually be beneficial, too. These are often hidden treasures that offer targeted areas for improvement, insights, and motivation for your business to develop solutions.

Whether positive or negative, customer reviews directly influence Internet users in their purchasing decision. And these opinions are everywhere. So, good advice: don't let your image escape you, manage your reviews properly!

Handle negative reviews with a proper approach

No business can escape negative reviews. The fact is that people are more drawn into this type of expressing refusal. Words impact and attack. That makes reviews powerful. The power of comments is real, and customers are sensitive to negative comments.

While you can't necessarily avoid bad reviews, revenge, or jealousy, there are other ways to make sure they're less apparent and limit their impact.

Negative reviews are inevitable but what really matters is how you react. Whether you have a bad reputation online or want to maintain your reputation, the key is to know how to manage customers’ reviews.

Customer success is 10% of positive reviews and 90% of how you react to negative reviews. In the positive case, it seems natural to respond to thank customers for taking the time to write this positive review. In the negative case, many of us prefer not to answer. However, experience has shown us that it is essential to respond to them and give solutions. A good approach for achieving a great online reputation is actively communicating with customers and responding to both negative and positive reviews.

Managing and monitoring negative comments is more at ease if you have proper techniques. In the era of digitalization, a management system can guarantee constant follow-up on your customers’ feedback and a quick, objective, genuine response.

Successfully navigating a wave of negative opinions, while unpleasant, allows you to take a step back from negative experiences and learn from  previous errors or misjudgments.

Optimize your online reviews management for gyms with Hapana

Hapana gives you the resources you need to keep your business organized and helps you stay updated on your customers’ feedback. This comprehensive system identifies opportunities to get positive reviews while working proactively to ensure negative reviews don't dominate your online visibility.

Hapana also offers you online customer engagement management services that will significantly increase your online presence, convert potential visitors to your website into paying customers, and allow you to build customer loyalty. No matter what type of review you receive, Hapana helps you  to respond with genuine and prompt answers.

With automation integration, Hapana enables businesses to manage customers’ reviews from one platform. The integration of AI can help analyze the scope of online reviews from different channels. Businesses can take into account quantitative and qualitative criteria and create new or better offerings to customers.

Use Hapana to make the most of review management online.

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