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A new day: OneFitStop is now Hapana

April 4, 2022
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Change isn’t something to be feared, it is something to be embraced. At Hapana, we are so excited to lead by example. 

It’s with great pleasure that I reintroduce myself as the CEO of Hapana.

I started this journey 10 years ago during college in Sydney Australia. I’ve met thousands of fitness business entrepreneurs since that time. I’ve had the privilege of building a world class team that truly spans the globe. 

But our platform has fundamentally changed  - for the better! And as it evolves, to match our core values, and our direction of travel as we take the industry forward, so too has our identity.

What is Hapana?

Hapana is the end-to-end platform for ambitious fitness businesses who want to deliver insane engagement using one integrated set of tools.

Why Hapana?

For too long, ambitious fitness businesses have been left to deliver innovative and engaging member experiences with outdated tools. The industry has prioritized consolidation and cost reduction at the  expense of developing a single cohesive experience for the brands they serve.

Simply having an open API is not enough. The entrepreneurs and innovators who have sweated out the last 24 months, many of whom have been changing lives for decades, deserve a single, end-to-end platform that’s working as hard as they are.

It’s time to say no to the frankenstack of technology tools that are lacking in both developmental, and customer support.

It’s time to say yes to a true partner who will understand your business, continue to evolve with the industry and who will deliver insanely engaging experiences that will delight your fitness community.

Say yes.

Say yes to one cohesive user experience for your team and members. Say yes to customer support that acts as a true technology partner, truly invested in your success. 

What Hapana delivers

Hapana is a platform built specifically for ambitious fitness businesses who demand an end-to-end solution that scales with where their business is going.

Hapana is centered around the following 5 core modules:






Horizontal 5x7 Option 3.1

CORE is your day-to-day scheduling. It is your billing. it is your reporting. It is your membership management system, and your operating platform on a day-to-day basis. CORE has been streamlined with the operational efficiencies you’ve been craving, which will save you and your team hours of time.

LINK is our branded mobile app and website integration experience. LINK allows you to create that portal, that high touchpoint experience with your members and clients every single day. We do this by putting your brand first. LINK has capabilities to customize not only the styling and the color scheme of the app, but also the icons and fonts – and the Hapana brand is nowhere to be seen. This is because we put YOUR brand, and your relationship with your customers first.

CAST is our digital content suite. This includes both live streaming, one-way broadcast or two-way interactive streams, as well as your content on demand in the form of articles, videos recipes and all different types of multimedia assets right through the app and the website experience.

GROW is our marketing automation and sales CRM platform. It enables you to nurture member journeys, from prospect to conversion, making sure you have a high touchpoint engagement with retention-based activities, or positive reinforcement milestones. GROW also enables your sales team to action, follow up and drive targeted task-based activities that help your brand convert more.

DASH is our advanced reporting tool – culminating in a series of reporting data and analytics, that draw from the whole ecosystem, so you can make informed decisions in your business, or your corporation across multi-location operations, every single day. We pride ourselves on making this data available, all the time, with a high degree of transparency.

Is Hapana right for your brand?

Hapana is a brand that stands to create insane member engagement and client experiences, and at the same time, partner with organizations in a way that will service and create operational efficiencies like no other.

If you are a brand that truly wants a technology partner that will work to understand your business, that will continually innovate, improve, and evolve as the industry continues to progress, then Hapana is the brand for you.  

Take your business to the power of Hapana. Get a demo today and experience the difference firsthand.