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7 MindBody Alternatives & Competitors | 2024 Reviews & Pricing

Chelsea Erieau-Larkin
January 1, 2024

Here at Hapana, we keep our pulse on the finger of gym management software - and today we’re reviewing all the best alternatives to Mindbody in 2024. We tried and tested everything on the list. We methodically went through each software and collected reviews, chatted with users, and rated each competitor on their features and pricing. 

Of course, we’re a little biased - we think Hapana is a standout. However, we’ve done our best to review each software from a neutral perspective to help you get the most out of your gym management software.

The 7 best Mindbody software competitors

  • Hapana for fast-growing brands with multiple locations
  • Glofox for personal trainer management
  • MarianaTek for integrations
  • ClubReady for full-service health clubs
  • Momence for startups and low turnover studios
  • Wodify for automation
  • Zingfit for boutique fitness studios specializing in group classes

What makes the best software alternative to Mindbody?

How we evaluate and test these software programs

In our quest to find the premier gym management software, our approach is rooted in comprehensive research and collective experiences. We’ve meticulously sifted through extensive user reviews and feedback from both our staff and clients who have hands-on experience with these platforms.

We didn’t just want to list software; we really wanted to delve deep into the specifics of what makes each option valuable to fitness studios and gyms. Our readers trust us to provide an unbiased look at the tools available, helping them make informed decisions that best suit their operational needs. 

Our long history with fitness studios has highlighted several key factors that stand out in gym management software:

  • User-Friendliness: A platform's success hinges on its simplicity and intuitiveness. Our recommended software must enable quick and straightforward management of memberships, schedules, and payments, streamlining operational efficiency.
  • Versatile Organizational Features: The best software offers diverse organizational tools, from scheduling and member management to financial tracking, to make sure that gyms can operate smoothly and efficiently.
  • Effective Communication and Reminders: Essential to any gym management platform is its ability to keep track of deadlines and communicate effectively with members, leveraging notifications and reminders to keep both staff and clients informed.
  • Intuitive Design: A clean, user-friendly interface is crucial. Our selections are based on software that offers functionality without compromising on aesthetics, facilitating a better user experience.
  • Cross-Platform Synchronization: In the modern fitness industry, the ability to access and update information across various devices is non-negotiable. We prioritize software that ensures data consistency and accessibility, whether you're at the gym or on the move.

While we're excited about the potential of emerging technologies like AI in enhancing gym management, our focus remains squarely on the foundational features that address the practical needs of a fitness facility.

Through this collective review process, we aim to shed light on gym management solutions that not only meet a wide range of operational needs but also enhance the overall management experience for fitness studios and gyms. Our guide is designed to navigate you through the landscape of available software, spotlighting those that offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the dynamic world of fitness management.

What makes a good Mindbody competitor?

I tried to find studio and gym software that balanced these 5 things well, because talking to studio owners every day, we know that consistency in the product (ie no glitches) is often missing, and customer service is often a dealbreaker no matter how amazing the software seems to be.  

The best Mindbody competitor for rapid growth


Hapana has a great balance between sophistication and simplicity. Hapana sets itself apart with a sleek, intuitive interface - feature-rich yet astonishingly user-friendly. This focus on user experience streamlines everyday tasks such as class bookings and membership management, making the platform effortlessly adoptable for staff. Unlike some competitors that may offer a more convoluted navigation experience, Hapana stands out as a more accessible choice for fitness studios in search of a straightforward yet robust management solution.

Dedicated to addressing the specific needs of fitness studios and gyms, Hapana offers a suite of features perfectly attuned to the unique challenges and opportunities within the industry. From managing multiple locations to providing advanced analytics, Hapana ensures that its clients receive a product that feels tailor-made for their business needs, distinguishing itself from broader wellness business platforms where gym-specific functionalities might not be as finely honed.

At the heart of Hapana’s offering is an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer support and active engagement with its user community. The platform shines through its responsive support team, comprehensive onboarding process, and continuous user engagement efforts, aimed at helping clients maximize their software benefits. This approach not only builds a strong sense of community but also provides a more personalized experience compared to larger platforms, where users might feel like just another number.

While Hapana is carving out its niche with custom-fit solutions for fitness studios and gyms, it's also on a mission to broaden its ecosystem with a growing array of integrations and third-party apps. Sure, MindBody has been around the block longer and has built up a suite of integrations. That ecosystem might seem like a paradise for businesses who want their pick of third-party tools and services. Yet, Hapana isn’t resting on its laurels—it’s pushing the envelope, steadily expanding its integration capabilities to cater to the diverse demands of its clients. Depth, not breadth.

MindBody might have the edge when it comes to brand recognition and market presence, thanks to its longstanding tenure and hefty marketing pushes. This kind of familiarity can sway decision-making, especially for those just dipping their toes into the fitness management software pool. But here's where Hapana shines with its fresh-faced approach, tailoring its innovations specifically for the fitness sector, not to mention its tight-knit community vibe and stellar customer service.Hapana appeals to the multi-site and quickly growing franchises on the lookout for a software partner that’s all in on their success.

When it comes to pricing, Hapana aims to keep things competitive and clear. I get it, comparing packages and sussing out the best deal can get a bit tricky, especially when stacking it up against MindBody’s tiered pricing. But Hapana is all about delivering bang for your buck through its custom solutions and top-notch service. They're on a mission to ensure you snag a deal that’s not just easy on the wallet but spot-on for your business needs. And they’re not standing still, either—there’s a continuous push to make pricing even more transparent and flexible. It's all about making sure you get what you need, minus the headache.

Hapana price: customizable

The best Mindbody competitor for personal trainers


Glofox really stands out in the bustling world of fitness software, thanks to its slick user experience designed with both gym owners and their clients in mind. What catches the eye first is how intuitive and user-friendly Glofox is. It’s easy to navigate, making the management of schedules, memberships, and payments feel like less of a chore.

The platform's knack for customization is something to write home about. It’s got this flexibility that lets fitness businesses tweak and tune the software right down to the branding, communications, and app features, so it really feels like it’s theirs. The cherry on top? The option to roll out a custom-branded mobile app, which is a hit for keeping in touch with members in a way that's direct and personal, fostering a sense of community and boosting member loyalty.

Then there's the customer support—something that might not seem like a big deal at first glance but can truly be a game-changer (or breaker). Glofox doesn’t skimp here; with a team that’s always on the ball, ample training resources, and proactive service, they smooth out the implementation process.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. Glofox isn’t immune to the occasional technical hiccup—think slow load times, a bit of downtime, or a snag in the booking and payment system. These glitches can throw a spanner in the works for the smooth running of a gym, affecting both staff productivity and how members view the gym’s professionalism and reliability. For the team, sorting out these issues can eat into time and resources that would be better spent on making the gym experience top-notch for members and growing the business. It seems like it’s been designed more for the internal side than the external. 

Integration capabilities also pop up as a sticking point for some. While Glofox is a powerhouse for managing a gym, its ability to play nice with other software and third-party apps could do with a boost. For gyms that lean on a wider array of tools for marketing, CRM, and financial reporting, the current limitations could mean extra manual work, mismatched data, and missed chances to make operations slicker. Amping up Glofox’s integration game would be a big win for businesses aiming to streamline their processes and make the most of their data.

And, let's not beat around the bush—pricing can be a hurdle, especially for the little guys. For small studios or gyms just finding their feet, the cost might seem a bit steep, posing a challenge as they work to build up their member base and revenue. This is partly why Hapana customizes their pricing per client - it ensures some negotiation can be done, and keeps ambitious franchisees from being blocked out of the software game. Still, we think Glofox will really appeal to personal trainers and others needing PT management.

Glofox price: Tiered, based on the franchise size and needs. Expect in the range of $100 to $190 USD per month.

The best Mindbody competitor for integrations


MarianaTek carves a niche in the fitness management software market with its bespoke approach, shining particularly bright with its robuts array of integrations. MarianaTek delivers asuite of features that nail the personalized customer experience and specialized class management. This laser focus means studios can craft a fitness journey that feels more personal for their clients, boosting satisfaction and keeping them coming back for more.

The platform’s user-friendliness and stellar support system are also big wins. MarianaTek gets high marks for its clean, intuitive design, easing the learning curve for both staff and clients and slashing the time spent on training and troubleshooting. This leaves more room for focusing on what really matters—engaging members and honing operational workflows.

The ease with which it plays nice with other apps and services means studios can hook it up with their go-to marketing, CRM, and financial tools without breaking a sweat. This interconnected ecosystem streamlines workflows, cuts down on manual input and errors, and creates a more unified approach to managing the business. For boutique studios keen on leveraging tech to boost operational efficiency and elevate the customer experience, MarianaTek’s solid integration game is a game-changer, making complex processes a breeze and knitting together a more efficient, cohesive business operation.

However, MarianaTek isn’t without its limitations, especially when it comes to scaling up. Studios that grow or diversify might find MarianaTek’s boutique-centric approach a bit snug, particularly as they branch out or aim for a broader market presence. While it excels in niche markets, its offerings might not stretch comfortably to fit the wider operational needs of larger outfits or multi-location ventures.

Pricing might be another snag for some. The investment in MarianaTek might raise eyebrows among smaller studios or those on a shoestring budget. Despite the value packed into its specialized features, the upfront cost could be a hurdle for those weighing the benefits against a tight financial backdrop. This aspect might give pause to businesses juggling the need for top-tier functionality with the realities of limited funds.

Lastly, while MarianaTek covers the basics in analytics and reporting, there’s room to grow. Users looking for deep dives into data or more customizable reporting options might find the offerings a tad shallow. Beefing up these features could arm studio owners and managers with richer insights, aiding in sharper decision-making and smoother operations.

MarianaTek price: Tiered, based on the franchise size and needs.

The best Mindbody competitor for full-service health clubs


ClubReady really stands out with its comprehensive approach to gym management. It's like having a Swiss Army knife for everything from membership management to scheduling and billing, all neatly packaged in one platform. This integrated setup is a breath of fresh air for many users, especially when compared to MindBody, which, despite its strengths, can sometimes feel a bit disjointed across different management tasks.

The ease of navigating ClubReady's user interface is another feather in its cap. It's hailed for being intuitive, which is a big win for staff and members alike, smoothing out day-to-day operations and slashing the learning curve. This straightforward design means quicker adoption and fewer headaches, a stark contrast to the occasional overwhelm new users might face with MindBody's more complex feature set.

Where ClubReady really shines, though, is in its customer support. The level of dedicated and responsive service users receive makes a world of difference, setting ClubReady apart from the pack. Quick fixes and tailored advice are just the tip of the iceberg, making it a standout compared to MindBody, where snagging prompt and effective support can sometimes be a challenge.

That said, ClubReady isn't without its areas for growth. Its integration capabilities with other systems and third-party apps don't quite hit the mark for some users. For gyms and studios that lean heavily on a broad digital toolbox for marketing, customer engagement, or finance, this limitation could mean resorting to manual workarounds or facing data fragmentation. Figuring out how to use it can be quite convoluted, nearly needing a certification to be able to operate without feeling clunky - which makes me weirdly nostalgic for the early days of Photoshop (anyone else?).

Then there's the question of cost. ClubReady's pricing can be a hurdle, particularly for smaller outfits running on tight budgets. Despite the wealth of features ClubReady brings to the table, the financial outlay required can make it a tougher sell for smaller gyms or those measuring the expense against their immediate needs and usage.

And when it comes to customization, ClubReady might feel a bit on the stiff side for some, especially when stacked against MindBody. Gyms and studios with niche requirements or those in pursuit of a highly customized platform might find ClubReady's offerings a bit too fixed, curbing their ability to tailor the software to fit their unique operational rhythms and member engagement tactics.

ClubReady price: Based on the scale and requirements, starting from $149 USD/month, up to $500 depending on the package.

The best Mindbody competitors for startups and low turnover studios


Momence really hits the mark with its user-centric design, offering a breath of fresh air for young businesses keen on a smooth operational flow and an enhanced client experience. The platform's intuitive interface is a game changer, simplifying everything from bookings to customer management and communications. This ease of navigation is a standout, especially when you compare it to MindBody, which some users feel can be a bit on the cluttered side and not as straightforward.

Where Momence really shines is in its suite of customer engagement and retention tools. It's decked out with features like marketing automation, personalized communication, and in-depth analytics to keep tabs on engagement. This arsenal is key for any business aiming to bolster loyalty and encourage repeat visits. While MindBody does bring marketing and analytics to the table, the feedback from Momence users often points to a more impactful and user-friendly experience on their platform.

On the pricing front, Momence comes across as transparent and flexible, a trait that resonates well with startups and low turnover studios watching their budgets. With a variety of pricing plans tailored to fit different scales and financial scenarios, Momence positions itself as a more approachable option compared to the sometimes complex and fee-laden pricing structure of MindBody. This clarity and adaptability in pricing make Momence an attractive proposition for businesses in search of value without the hassle of navigating through opaque costs.

One area where Momence might not quite match up to MindBody is in its capacity for integration with other systems. While it does provide some key integrations, businesses that lean heavily on a diverse array of third-party apps for their operations, marketing, or customer service may find MindBody's ecosystem to be more expansive and accommodating. This broader integration capability can be a pivotal aspect for businesses aiming for a seamless workflow across various platforms and tools.

Moreover, MindBody's established position in the market has fostered a large user community and an extensive array of online resources, including forums and detailed knowledge bases. While Momence is on the rise, its relatively recent entry into the market means it may not yet rival the level of community engagement, or the extensive user-generated resources and networking opportunities that MindBody has cultivated over the years.

Momence price: May start from $20 per month for a basic plan. 

The best Mindbody competitor for automation


Wodify sets itself apart in the realm of gym management software, with decent automation. Praised for its user-friendly interface, the platform simplifies complex tasks such as membership management and billing, making daily operations smoother for gym owners and staff.

Pros include Wodify's comprehensive automation capabilities, which streamline administrative tasks, and its scalability, which supports businesses at various stages of growth. The software's intuitive design enhances user engagement, while its advanced reporting tools offer valuable insights into business performance.

However, Wodify faces criticism for its pricing structure, which can be prohibitive for smaller operations. Some users find the customization process cumbersome and the integration options limited, potentially complicating the use of third-party applications. Additionally, customer support receives mixed reviews, with some users indicating room for improvement in responsiveness and problem-solving.

In comparison to competitors, Wodify distinguishes itself with features tailored for fitness industry needs, yet prospective users need to weigh its benefits against its cost and complexity. For businesses prioritizing automation, Wodify presents a compelling option, but it's advisable to consider specific needs and potential limitations.

Wodify price: Customizable

The Best Mindbody competitor for group class management


ZingFit is that one tool that just gets the rhythm and needs of boutique studios, offering everything from class scheduling to instructor management with a boutique twist. This sharply contrasts with the broader strokes painted by MindBody, which, while rich in features, sometimes misses that boutique-specific flair.

ZingFit isn't just about the basics; it's about letting your studio's personality burst through every digital seam. Think of it as the ultimate customization toolkit, allowing you to weave your brand's essence into every online interaction. This deep level of personalization easily outpaces MindBody, where similar custom touches might send you on a bit of a detour.

This spills over into their customer service, which is much more bespoke and personal. This contrasts with the broader, sometimes less personal support landscape of MindBody. Here at Hapana, we have a similar approach to customer service, ensuring someone is on call to help at all times and have a chat.

Yet, it's not without its hiccups. ZingFit's integration spectrum, when placed side by side with MindBody's vast network, appears a tad limited, potentially boxing in studios that thrive on a diverse digital ecosystem for marketing, engagement, and more.

In the tapestry of boutique fitness software, ZingFit emerges as the custom-fit, feature-rich platform with an eye for detail and a heart for support, tailored for those spaces that offer more than just a workout but a community. 

Some users report that ZingFit’s platform can have a steeper learning curve due to its extensive customization options and detailed features. New users might find the initial setup and customization process to be more time-consuming or complex compared to MindBody, which could impact the speed at which studios are able to deploy and utilize the system effectively.

The pricing structure of ZingFit, particularly in relation to its specialized focus and customization capabilities, may present a challenge for some studios. While users acknowledge the value brought by its niche-specific features, the cost associated with ZingFit can be higher than some competitors, including MindBody. Studios with limited budgets or those weighing the cost against their specific usage of boutique-focused features might find MindBody’s pricing tiers and packages more appealing or suited to their financial constraints.

Zingfit price: Tiered, based on the franchise size and needs.

Which is the Best Mindbody competitor overall?

When it comes to a solution that excels in user experience, offers tailored features for fitness businesses, and provides exceptional customer support, Hapana stands out as the top choice for an online Mindbody competitor. Its comprehensive platform is designed with the growth of fitness studios and gyms in mind, making it an ideal pick for fast-growing brands with multi-site operations. Hapana’s focus on scalability, combined with competitive pricing and a commitment to customer service, ensures that your business has the tools it needs to succeed and expand.

For a blend of functionality, ease of use, and supportive customer engagement, Hapana offers an unparalleled software solution. We encourage you to explore Hapana and discover how it can transform your fitness business operations, driving growth and enhancing member satisfaction.

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