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How to Prevent Your Members from Getting Frostbitten Feet in the Cryo Chamber

Corey Loehr
August 21, 2019
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Have you heard what happened to NFL star Antonio Brown’s feet? Frostbite occurred in his feet leading to extreme damage after a standard cryotherapy session. So what exactly happened? And how can you prevent your members from ending up with frostbitten feet after a session in your gym’s cryo chamber? What can you do to overcome this negative stigma creating fear as it circles through the media? Discover answers to all these questions to ensure your favorite chilly profit center doesn’t freeze over and quit making money. 

Let’s start with the good news: Frostbitten feet can be easily prevented by following the standard safety guidelines associated with cryotherapy. Experts are baffled at how this could have even occurred. If you run a gym or studio that offers cryotherapy, you are likely very aware that stepping into a chamber with minus 270 degree temperatures is not something to be taken lightly. So how can you prevent this nightmare scenario? Simply ensure each visitor is wearing proper footwear. Protective boots and gloves must be worn each and every time. This will protect their feet and hands so no damage occurs. Only time will tell the extent of damage that Brown will suffer after this mishap.Seeing photos of frostbitten feet circle the internet is not the most comforting feeling for your cryotherapy business. But like most things in the media, this too shall pass. The stigma will fade and be forgotten and business will go on as usual. In the meantime, you may run into some trepidatious members and guests with a bit of nerves about stepping into the chamber. This is a typical concern in the cryo world that has to be overcome like any other objection. Now, it is just fueled by fear and a looming photo of huge blisters and dying skin on some notable feet.So how can you defeat this negative energy associated with cryo? It starts with reassurance and ends with reminders of all the benefits of cryotherapy. When you take a moment to explain the scenario in which this occurred to the NFL star, people will quickly realize that it was not a typical experience. Reassure your members that if they simply follow the steps that your professional cryo operators recommend, they have little to no risk of getting frostbite. Ensure all your team is properly trained, and explain to your staff the major risks associated with not following each step.Collectively, this event may inspire a need for cryotherapy operators to go through an official certification course in order to administer a session. Much like personal trainers, knowing that the professional you are working with is certified provides a certain level of trust and comfort to clients. If you have a means of creating your own course or accessing a certification course for all staff, this can be used to give further reassurance.Next, remind your members why they had an interest in cryotherapy to begin with. The benefits of cryotherapy can be life-changing for many! Reduced inflammation, pain relief, reduction of anxiety and depression, and improved symptoms of migraines and eczema are some of the main benefits that people can look forward to when stepping into the cryo chamber. When you shift the focus from the risks to the benefits, people will quickly see that the good outweighs the risk and that the risk is virtually nonexistent when properly done.All we can do is make sure the proper procedures are done each and every time to avoid frostbite all together. The negative imagery will fade and hopefully, cryo businesses won’t take too much of a slow down. As they say, there is no bad press, right? So perhaps the negative news will actually educate people on what cryotherapy is that hadn’t previously heard of it, and eventually lead to more people walking through your doors to check it out. In the meantime, keep educating people on the benefits and reassure them on the safety practices you take in your cryo business.P.S. If you need the best gym management softwaretosupport your gym with cryo, we can help!

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