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How to maximize member engagement and save time with marketing automation

Corey Loehr
September 12, 2022
how to improve customer engagement through technology|how to improve customer engagement through technology|maximize member engagement and save time with AI automation|How to maximize member engagement and save time with marketing automation

Customer acquisition is the first step in a long-term growth strategy. To achieve sustainable growth and ensure your business thrives to the top, you must master customer acquisition and retention. While excellent customer acquisition techniques are vital to attract new customers, retention is also essential to avoid losing customers faster than you can add them to your portfolio. Now, are you wondering how to improve customer engagement through technology?

A lack of proper communication with the customers and poor customer engagement in loyalty strategies will lead to poor outcomes. That’s why most customer loyalty strategies don’t make a better experience: they are not efficient enough to improve customer engagement and businesses' overall performance.

Here are some strategies you can use to improve your customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Use AI automation to improve customer engagement

In the fitness industry, as with any other business, you need to find out how to improve customer engagement through technology. Getting a new client costs much more than keeping an existing customer, and  loyal customers are precious because they are the best sources of recommendations. As a result, your company must prioritize customer retention at the same level as customer acquisition. 

Fitness customers expect a one-of-a-kind offer tailored to their preferences, needs, behavior, and athletic goals. Automation integration in the customer engagement system helps you to offer personalized services in the fitness industry. Moreover, with the help of AI automation, you can execute a robust gym digital marketing strategy.

Improve customer engagement through technology and gathered data

AI technology provides your company with better insights into data on fundamentals such as gender, age, and start date. It can also provide more detailed information on goals, muscle mass, weight, and BMI, among other things.

Fitness software can track data automatically and generate clear graphs and charts that offer insight into what classes a member attends, when and how frequently they exercise, what services they purchase, their progress and goals, and the equipment they use.

This overview also provides information about member behavior, such as the number of check-ins, lessons taken, and scheduled bookings. An AI algorithm can also make predictions, letting you know exactly where you stand in terms of key customer acquisition, engagement, and retention metrics.

Let the data work for your company with automation

Now that you have the correct data, you need to understand how to improve customer engagement through technology. You should be using a software solution that makes the most of customer data while respecting individuals' privacy. For instance, you can send reminders and class changes via email, SMS, or push notifications from the app. 

These gentle reminders not only notify customers about their consistent attendance, but also remind them of why they committed to their goals in the first place. In addition, customers who register with you for health progress will receive personalized information. They can also share the content in your community with motivational tips, recipes, workouts, and other resources. You only need to create all the setups once; afterward, you can reuse them for new clients.

 Advantageous features of marketing automation software solutions

Here are some other features you should be utilizing with your community members:

  • The messaging automation system

When you register new customers, you can immediately designate them to the appropriate group in your content and activate the automated messaging system, where you can easily edit, remove, or even change the content to better engage with your customers.

  • Analytics-tracking customer development

Advanced marketing automation systems have the ability to target customers based on developments in their activity and schedule. You have various sorts of activities, such as a customer who hasn't attended training in over a week; this information is easily accessible in Hapana's analytics.
Using your messaging system, you can message that member to encourage them to return or find out why they’ve decided to leave. You can ask customers if something is wrong (such as in the case of injury or mental health issues) and if there's anything you can do for them, such as setting up an appointment with a physio or a coach.
Hapana’s automation system maintains a smooth flow of communication with welcome emails, birthday messages, lesson reminders, six-month upsell subscriptions, and more.

How to improve customer engagement and save yourself time through automations

With the right suite of marketing and sales automation tools, you can invite customers to participate in challenges in addition to sending reminders and messages. Challenges are an excellent way to engage people and foster a sense of community. You don't want your clients to feel like they're just a member at your gym or studio; you want them to feel like they're a part of your community.

Positively engaging your customers discourages them from pulling out of your gym abruptly because they would rather not lose a valuable source of positive habits, friends, and social contact.
Hapana's automated integration provides a solution for maximizing customer engagement with near-limitless approaches. For example, with the Hapana dash insights and analytics feature, you can quickly identify high-risk members and take action to reduce member turnover while maintaining revenue growth.


Your business may offer professional customer services, efficient training programs, and high-end automatic solutions, but ultimately, your community members’ choices determine the final result.
To influence positive choices, you can engage and retain them as your loyal customers using Hapana software solution for automated integration. Request a demo today.

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