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How to Implement a Spin Studio Class Signup Process Your Members Will Love

Corey Loehr
May 11, 2018
How to Implement a Spin Studio Class Signup Process Your Members Will Love 2

Opening up your own spin studio is only one hurdle to a successful business. Once you’ve chosen the right spaceand financed the equipmentthere’s still one missing piece to the puzzle—the members. How do you decide what's the best way to implement a spin studio signup process that your members will love?Your studio would be nothing without the members who use it. The most difficult part of opening up a spin studio is getting those first few customers through the door. Certain practices like marketing your business to your optimal audience and standing out with superb customer service can help draw in more people. To make it even easier for members to join your studio, you should focus on creating a spin studio signup process that is simple, informative, and engaging. Implementing a stellar signup process for your spin studio classes can leave a great first impression on members and help create brand loyalty. Below are a few ways you can implement a spin studio class signup process your members will love.

Make it Paperless

The target demographic for most spin studio classes are people in their 20s and 30s. Your potential members are likely tech-savvy, busy professionals who don’t have time to print out paperwork. Heck – they may barely have time to physically come into your studio to sign waivers. By making your spin studio signup process paperless you not only show your business’ commitment to environmental sustainability but show your commitment to making your members’ lives easier. Part of making your signup process paperless means having a significant online presence. Developing your website, the design, and the programming of your online booking process is vital to having a successful paperless system. If you are not well versed in web design or programming, it may be wise to invest in a spin-studio software that takes care of all of this for you.

Give a Complimentary Class

Many people are hesitant to spend their money and time on a studio they know almost nothing about and may not even enjoy. In order to get rid of this fear in potential members, it’s a good idea to give a complimentary class to first-time users of your studio. This way, you’ll be getting more people through the door and your retainment rates will skyrocket. This is all about giving customers a chance to try before they buy, which positively impacts spin studio signups.It may seem like you’re losing money by handing out free classes to everyone who comes to your studio, but in reality, you’re creating a more effective and enticing signup process that will lead to more long-term committed members.

Offer Special Packages

After you’ve offered a complimentary class to members, consider the idea of packages. Use package purchases as a perk to those who buy multiple classes in advance. This can incentivize members to buy more than one class at a time, giving you more revenue upfront. Many group fitness enthusiasts report that clients who buy classes upfront are more likely to get to the studio and complete their workout. It’s a win-win for everyone. Some special packages you can offer include:

  • A discount for buying more than one class
  • An unlimited weekly or monthly pass
  • A “visitors” pass or “weekend” pass for out of towners
  • A student discount package
  • A senior discount package

Break it Down

Making a simple signup process also includes making it simple to understand. Make sure you take the time to break down the details of each of your classes and what they entail. Investing in a spin studio optimized booking software will allow for clients to see your upcoming classes, schedule in advance, and create a community online.Make the entire experience more informative and easier for your members. On your website, provide a meet-the-instructors page, class levels, the location of the studio, a FAQ, and contact info. Go above and beyond by detailing what to bring to each class, and specific directions to your studio.Your spin studio signup process is the last step between potential members becoming committed members. You want to make sure that this process is as simple and convenient as it can be. This ensures your customers won’t have to jump through any hoops to sign up for your class. Doing the little things will always make for a smoother signup process. Don't' forget to offer free classes, explain all the details of your studio, and go paperless with your booking process.If you’re a Spin Studio owner tired of old studio management software that’s constantly raising prices without increasing value, then talk to OneFitStop, where their modern spin studio software platform is constantly evolving to meet the needs of growing studio businesses.

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