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BFT announce Hapana as major sponsor of this year's Franchisee Summit

Angharad Saynor
April 3, 2023
BFT blog

Body Fit Training(BFT) hosted their Global Conference for all their franchisees and partners from 23rd to 26th March. With Hapana and Ezypay announced as the naming partners of the weekend. The event was a tremendous success, with attendees gathering from all over the world. Networking, learning and sharing their experiences with the BFT brand with each other and BFT's partnering brands.

“We were excited to bring our global network of franchisees together for our 5th Annual Conference.” Cameron Falloon, Founder and Director of BFT commented when speaking on the event. “This event was an opportunity for us to celebrate our achievements, connect and collaborate with our franchisees, and encourage one another to achieve even more in the future. We chose the theme ‘Power of Different’ as it resonates with our brand and community of franchisees, as well as being the driving force behind our success to date. BFT is all about marking our differences, embracing diversity and recognising that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. By championing individuality and innovation, we’ve created a global community of like-minded franchisees who share our passion for health and fitness.”

BFT's 2023 Annual Conference

The conference was an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn from industry experts, network with peers, and engage in interactive sessions. Hapana and Ezypay played a large role in these interactions across the weekend. The 2 companies were very hands on over the event, sponsoring networking brunches, and holding talks on products. They also saw such importance in creating time during the conference to catch up with franchisees and operators.

“When the opportunity came up for Hapana and Ezypay to sponsor the BFT Global Conference this year, we knew it was the perfect way to celebrate this ongoing relationship between the three brands.” Jarron Aizen, CEO and Founder of Hapana comments on the sponsorship. “With big plans of expansions for all of us over the next 12 months, the conference was the perfect way to kickstart the year.”

Hapana and Ezypay felt like the perfect fit as major sponsors of the BFT event, as both companies have been huge contributors in Body Fit Training's overall growth and success over the past few years. The end-to-end gym management solution from Hapana streamlines operations, enhances productivity, increases client engagement. Which, of course, helps to drive growth for BFT's franchise network. Meanwhile, Ezypay's innovative payments and billings solutions provide seamless and secure payment processes for both members and franchisees. Thus, ensuring consistent cash flow for the franchise network.

James Foster, CEO of Ezypay commented that “It was fantastic to sponsor the BFT conference with Hapana. We were able to connect with the growing number of franchisees and hear direct feedback around the importance of the Ezypay and Hapana integrated solution. Ezypay is incredibly proud to help drive the amazing forward progress of the BFT brand across the globe. We forward to supporting them in even more countries in the future”

The Partnership between BFT, Hapana and Ezypay

Throughout the partnership with Hapana and Ezypay, markedly, BFT has achieved significant expansion globally with 236 studios open. With 500+ franchises now sold across the world and BFT celebrating their first studio in the UK earlier this year. The franchise network has a presence in multiple countries, and its popularity continues to grow. Which was great to celebrate over the weekend, with franchisees attending from Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

About BFT

BFT is Australia's fastest growing and most advanced group training methodology. Incorporating scientifically proven training techniques aimed at reducing fat and creating lean muscle into a variety of 50 minute sessions which are overseen by accredited coaches in a dynamic group environment. BFT use science and technology to drive positive outcomes at all fitness levels. With the aim of giving every member a personal experience relevant to their own body, level of fitness, limitations and flexibility, in a team driven community.

About Hapana

Hapana designed its platform to assist fitness businesses of all sizes. Ranging from small boutique studios to larger gyms and franchises globally. The software’s flexibility and scalability make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to expand their operations or improve their client engagement. Hapana helps fitness businesses manage their operations, marketing, and reporting in one place. The cloud-based platform is customizable, flexible, and scalable, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

About Ezypay

Ezypay is a multi-award winning FinTech company specialising in the provision of subscription and recurring direct debit payments. Ezypay’s cloud-based payment platform offers businesses a suite of easy-to-use subscription management services to automate recurring direct debit payments. The platform enables merchants to easily set-up flexible payment plans across different sites, to offer multiple payment options to their customers. Including direct debit and credit card, and to improve revenue collection rates through advanced failed payment handling capabilities.

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