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Hapana, 4 time winner at The Transform Awards Asia!

Angharad Saynor
December 19, 2022
Hapana's rebrand picks them up 4 awards at the 2022 Transform Awards|Image

“This was the year of evolution for the company” - Corey Loehr CRO

This year we at Hapana underwent a company rebrand. Including a new name, a redesign of our company’s logo and visual identity, as well as a new website. Shift were the branding agency that Hapana recruited to help guide the process because they are known for their work on brand strategies, experiences and tech that help leading companies evolve, and challengers scale. 

The nine month project has been recognized by the Transform Awards Asia 2022 for: Best brand development project to reflect a change of mission values or positioning. Best naming strategy. Best rebrand of a digital property, and best visual identity from the technology, media and telecommunications sector.

Zoran Svetlicic, Partner at Shift comments on the tremendous achievement at the Transform Awards saying, “We were super happy. This has never happened before. For the same brand to win awards for strategy, positioning, and every element of the expression, from the name, to the identity, to the digital presence and the website. I think that's great recognition of everything that we did together.”

The name Hapana is a play on the idea of haptic technology. This resonates with the leadership team as it encapsulated high-touch technology and immediate feedback. Both of which are at the core of our company values.

Corey Loehr, Hapana’s CRO remarks, “as it works out, we explored meanings globally in different contexts. Our team in India immediately pointed out that the word has some really cool meanings in Sanskrit, infinitude and unending possibilities. Which also describes us & our vision for the future of the brand perfectly.”

The Story Behind the Hapana Spark

The Hapana spark logo has also been carefully curated to represent the importance of connection and engagement for the brand. The logo in motion, represents the 3 A’s from the name, formed as arrow heads coming together. Showcasing that technology is always an aid in connecting our clients with their own clients, to drive insane engagement at all levels!

The logo is commonly placed as * next to the company name symbolizing the term “to the power of Hapana”. This is a great play on how Hapana portray our relationships with our clients, because, we are not just a supplier... we are partnered with each and every one of our clients to help power them to be successful, the spark is a small nod to this. 

Shift were great in their process to ensure each element of the company's values and identity have been thought out. This was represented thoughtfully in the rebrand, and it’s very flattering to see this celebrated by industry professionals.

Ending the year taking home these awards is a great result for the team and recognition of an amazing rebrand. With such a transformative change for the company in 2022, we are excited to see what 2023 has in store for Hapana!

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Hapana comes home with 4 awards for our rebrand

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