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Want to save time & energy? Generate leads and nurture them automatically with marketing automation

Corey Loehr
October 4, 2022
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Most gym owners know that efficient systems that can generate leads reliably are the pillars that help run a high-functioning, profitable business: operations, marketing, human resources, sales…you know these systems like the back of your hand. However, as you grow and scale your business, managing the ins and outs of every system becomes challenging.

So, you’ll eventually use various forms of lead generation software to help organize and facilitate growth within your business. For example, almost every successful business owner will use customer relationship management (CRM) software, like Hapana; this way, you can tackle multiple systems at once (e.g., payroll, new client onboarding, and client/trainer scheduling).

And it makes sense; as business owners, we’re expected to do the job of 3-5 people, but it’s borderline impossible to accomplish while maintaining your health and sanity. So, CRMs can offload administrative or monotonous work, allowing you to focus on areas in your business that need more attention (e.g., marketing, branding, and content creation). 
So, let’s discuss how lead generation software can improve the daily operations of your gym marketing or fitness business.

Defining lead generation in the customer journey

One of the most pivotal yet overlooked areas is the customer journey, or the path that your customers take in order to reach a final monetary transaction with your business. Think of your customer journey as the moment a prospect stumbles across your business all the way until they stop training with you. Hundreds of potential touchpoints in your customer journey need to be addressed, but lead generation and nurturing are where many gym owners get disorganized.

First, let’s define what a lead is and how it differs from a prospect - the terms can be confusing. 

A prospect is someone who has a high probability of becoming a lead but is not yet actively expressing interest in your company specifically. Think of this person as our ideal client, even though they might not even know it; they will gather information about your industry and the services that you and your competitors offer for a long time before reaching out to any particular company. 

A lead, on the other hand, is someone that expressed interest in your company specifically, either by mentioning it publicly or by directly investigating your business and services. In most cases, a lead has attempted to reach out to you in some capacity.
Lead generation, then, is the process of turning prospects into leads via appropriate systems of customer acquisition from the research and interest phase straight through to purchase. The best lead generation companies know that keeping your prospects, leads, and customers organized and appropriately attended is the key to growing a successful business across any sector.

Lead generation with sales funnels

The best way to generate leads is to take advantage of sales funnels - increasingly more targeted processes - that organize leads and prospects; these systems help you move prospects toward becoming leads and leads to becoming paying members. However, many business owners struggle with this because the process of creating a sales funnel for lead generation can become chaotic. 

For instance, if you have prospects and leads from Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, it can be hard to organize them all into one funnel. Trying to collect information manually across multiple platforms and then arrange it in a way that lets you communicate and nurture your leads to engage with your business can be exhausting and meticulous work, but you don’t need to do it manually.

Lead generation software for fitness studios

This is where Hapana’s lead generation software can help. Hapana’s lead management system allows you to organize prospects and leads so you can automatically contact them to push them along the customer journey. It collects leads across multiple channels (e.g., social media, targeted advertising, and website), so you literally don’t have to do anything other than watch where they are on their customer journey with your business.

With Hapana, you can monitor all of your online channels, including digital marketing for lead generation opportunities, and implement your analytical insights into actionable campaigns to promote your business and generate leads, all with the help of highly-targeted systems like sales lead forms and email marketing automation tuned to your business’s unique needs.

The little things make the most significant difference; a few finely-tuned systems and automation can make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars a year in your pocket. So, ditch the manual, chaotic systems and move toward Hapana. It’ll change the way you do business for the better.

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