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Fitness Studio Retention Metrics: How to Plan for Success

Corey Loehr
April 10, 2019
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Retention metrics measure membership data in order to better serve your fitness customers. This, in turn, increases member retention.

All Alumni

Sometimes reaching out to your canceled members and clients can be a great way to get them back. Perhaps you put together some special “we want your back” offer with a custom discount, or you simply want to include them on your current promotion. Especially if you are confident that you provided an excellent service while they were active, using this report of all past alumni and their contact information can be beneficial to bring them back into your fitness family once again.

Birthday Reports

Everyone wants to and deserves to feel special on their birthday! Generating monthly birthday reports can be a simple and fun way to interact with your members. Perhaps you can mail them a card, or send them a special birthday offer or branded item. For example, if you have a juice bar, give them a free smoothie they can redeem within a certain timeframe. If you have branded merchandise, you can give them an item like a t-shirt or a small gift card to use towards a purchase. Not only are you brightening someone’s day, but you are also creating more activity since they will need to visit the club to redeem it. Additionally, you are creating more branding opportunities through spreading brand awareness via merchandise.

Absent Clients

Client management is important. In this report, you will be able to identify clients who have been absent for at least two weeks. This is a good time to reach out to them in an attempt to see what you can do to get them back in the club. It may be helpful to explore different methods of outreach to see what works best for your specific clubs. Perhaps a quick text to say we miss you, or an email offer to bring a friend will motivate your members.How can OneFitStop help your boutique fitness studio? Request a Demo to learn more.

First Visits

Pulling a list of clients who have attended their first session between the filtered date ranges will give you feedback on how your member onboarding process is going. Engaged members are loyal members! If you are seeing them come in for their first visits right away, this is usually a good sign that your team members are working diligently to get members involved in the programs immediately. If they join and have not yet visited or there is a long gap between joining and their first visit, this can be a sign that you want to focus in on your member onboarding process.

Client Lifetime

What is the length of your average member? Knowing this number is crucial, especially if you are preparing financial projections. You can also gain insight into why your members only last a certain amount of time. This too helps to improve member retention. Many gym owners opt for writing term memberships to avoid the drop off after a few months. However, this is not always the solution. Ideally, you can figure out what keeps your members satisfied and active so they stick around for the long-haul.

Client Retention Rate

Without good retention rates, your club risks becoming a revolving door where members leave as quickly as they come in. Keeping your members engaged and satisfied is the key to retaining them, and checking these rates consistently will let you know where your club stands retention wise.

Client Check-In

Another option is to see this list of all client check-ins over a certain date range. This tool is invaluable in its ability to review client activity and track usage, therefore promoting member retention. Additionally, this report engages members when they request a copy of their usage report for employer-reimbursed memberships.How can OneFitStop help your boutique fitness studio? Request a Demo to learn more.