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Fitness studio app – why members should track their own stats, milestones, and attendance

Corey Loehr
November 30, 2022
fitness studio app why members should track their own stats|fitness studio app

Data is very important for every fitness studio. Before, information such as stats, milestones, and attendance could only be accessed through the staff, but with today’s technology and the help of white-label fitness studio management app such as Hapana, members can see their own progress.

Members can use the information on their own or share it with their trainer. Long gone are the days when you had to wonder, "what's the best fitness studio near me?" Now, you have access to every information you need with the all in one fitness software programs. Nonetheless, people must be able to access the gym scheduling app – not only for class booking but also for your business. Here are some reasons why you should make this information accessible to them in your fitness scheduling app. However, if you still need to know what's the benefit of an online booking system for gyms or a fitness class schedule software then keep reading to find out more.

Increased member motivation with fitness studio app

When it comes to fitness, your members may feel strong motivation in the very beginning, but as the days pass, its intensity can easily drop. Plus, it may take weeks until they notice visible progress and reach a certain milestone. This may cause them to lose motivation, as they cannot see what exactly they have achieved. A workout planner app enables gym members to track their progress. There may be many free fitness software but as a gym owner you need to aim for the best fitness scheduling app.

By letting them keep track of their own stats through a fitness trainer app, your members can see a graphic of their progress, little by little. This can help them feel like their efforts are worth it. They may be baby steps, but this will be enough to make them feel more motivated.

A software for fitness that helps them to track their attendance may also help them in this department, as simple as it may be. Having said that, the best app for managing fitness appointment scheduling can do wonders. Make the gym appointment process easy both for you and your members. When gym platforms simplify little things that matter to their members, they get that push of motivation. They will see that they have successfully reached their goal according to plan, or at least as frequently as possible. This alone can keep them going.

Fitness studio app keeps track of progress

Not everyone’s health progress is linear. Sometimes, a member may be more productive within a certain time frame than others. For example, they may set a specific milestone, such as reaching a certain weight by the end of the month. If they can’t verify the data themselves, they will have to ask your staff. An app for trainers can eliminate this hassle.

This is often easier said than done, especially when they do not join classes regularly. For instance, members may come to the gym when their program allows it. A trainer may not always be available to make notes. So, clients will not know whether they are any closer to their goal or not. The biggest fitness companies are very careful about it.

With white-label personal training scheduling app such as Hapana, members can access their milestones on their own time and see exactly which ones have been passed. If they see that some of them are still behind, they can change their program so that they can see better results.


Fitness studio members don’t always have the time to head to the location themselves. Very often, they go based on their own availability, so they might drop by every 1-2 days, or they may only be around 2-3 times a month.

As a result, they may not want to go to the gym just to talk to the trainer about their progress. They would feel much more satisfied if they could check that data themselves while they are taking the bus or drinking their coffee at home.

With a class scheduling software, time is saved not only for your clients but also for your staff. For example, let’s say that a member comes to their trainer, asking them for their stats. Instead of focusing on important tasks, they need to stop and answer questions. By letting them track their data, you save precious time for your trainers, allowing them to focus on the part that matters: helping members exercise. Therefore, having a training scheduling software is crucial for any gym business.

Fitness studio app offers measurable data to clients and staff

As a fitness studio owner, you might think that if you have members coming, your business is going well. While there may be some truth to it, it is not all there is to success. 

Identifying issues with performance and obstacles faced by your clients such as online class scheduling can help you tackle a potential problem and perhaps change your strategy. Your online gym class will become more productive with a personal trainer scheduling app when members are able to book classes online.

For example, with a class scheduler software, you may schedule one fitness class or workshop per month. Clients book that class on their own with apps such as Hapana and then attend based on their schedule. The data would then show that you are getting more members at your studio during that time compared to other days. It also shows your customers their attendance records. Pretty awesome, right? How many fitness apps are there that can execute all these functions?

That data can be used to make modifications to a gym program. If the members feel like they are more productive during a certain period, they can request the appropriate adjustments.

The bottom line

We live in a time where information is just a tap away, thanks to all the fitness tech companies like Hapana coming up with such amazing facility scheduling software for gym businesses. It is expected of you to use it, so you might as well make the most of it. By allowing your members to keep track of their stats and milestones, you give them the power to take the reins over their progress.