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Chat widgets: the secret to growing your fitness studio's leads while you kick back and relax?

Corey Loehr
September 30, 2022
chat widgets fitness leads

How well is your website generating leads? If it isn’t capturing as many leads as it should, then it might be missing an important feature — website chat widget.

Chat widgets are little windows that pop up on a website and allow visitors to chat with a customer service representative in real time. It’s human-to-human interaction, meaning that a real person at the other end of the line is responding to queries. 

If your fitness business’s website is missing this vital feature, it has a lower chance of connecting with intended leads, no matter how much creative work and dollar investments go into your gym digital marketing strategy.

Here’s how you can use website chat widget to effectively boost lead generation on your website.

Communication is key

The internet is a crowded and competitive place where everyone’s fighting for a chance to be noticed. As a result, if your visitors don’t get quick answers to their urgent questions, they move on. 

Hence, to rise above the competition, you must engage your visitors directly, make them feel understood, and provide solutions to their problems.

Humanize and maximize

According to recent research, customers who engage with a chat widget are more than twice as likely to convert into an active lead. 

Giving your website a human element via chat widgets allows customers to feel cared for as an individual and not just as a ticket number on cue, jumping through several customer service loops.

Chatbot widget for website bridge the gap between the company and the customer, which makes it possible for potential sales and customer loyalty to be nurtured and won.

Benefits of website chat widgets

Beyond lead conversion, there are many benefits associated with chat widgets for websites.

Quick and convenient

A visitor who needs to clarify something won’t have to go to the contacts page, write an email or message, and wait indefinitely for a response. Instead, the question gets answered then and there, keeping the visitor from leaving your site. This can lower your bounce rate, which can improve your website’s SEO.

Conversational and engaging

The best chat widget for website usually allows for a natural flow of conversation. Visitors get a chance to send additional info, links, or screenshots to more effectively and clearly convey their concerns.

This promotes more sincere customer engagement that, over time, builds trust and rapport between your customers and improves your public image.

Source for customer insights

A live chat with your customers allows you to know them better, giving you more insights about what they want, which can direct you toward ways to improve your product or service and your messaging to better connect with your market. For example, you can also use information gathered through chats to optimize and beef up your FAQs.

Build your email list

The live chat allows you to gather email addresses that you can use to send offers, promotional campaigns, and exclusive discounts. With their permission, you can add them to your email list, continue communicating with them, and maintain engagement.

Boosts conversion rates

Visitors may be interested in your product or service, but need a little more convincing to make a purchase. This can be done via the live chat or a chatbot that subsequently supplements the live chat. There’s a better chance a visitor will buy or return to buy if all of their concerns are addressed promptly.

Increases online mentions

The satisfaction derived from your live chat service may compel customers to give positive reviews and mention you on their social media handles, thereby boosting your online relevance, which would then drive traffic to your website and bring you more leads.

A source for blog topics

Your chat conversations through the website chat widget can be a rich source of blog topics that your audience will read because it speaks directly to them. When you have informative, relevant, and credible blog articles that people trust and refer to, it increases your SEO ranking and allows you to expand your audience reach.

Increases customer loyalty

Engaged and satisfied customers are more likely to stay loyal. When trust is established, it fosters the relationship's longevity and decreases churn.

Get the widget, gain more leads

When designed and done right, a chat widget can attract more leads and give your business an edge over the competition. A good chat widget design is also necessary to boost conversion rates.

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