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9 fitness challenge ideas for yoga studio owners – top ways to keep members engaged

Corey Loehr
January 19, 2023
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Fitness challenges, or exercise challenges, have the potential to increase the enjoyment of each workout. By setting a common goal, members may be more motivated to visit your yoga studio and put in maximum effort.

Here are nine intriguing fitness challenges to try in your studio.

1. The yoga challenge: unleash the benefits of yoga with fun

Since you own a yoga studio, incorporating exercise challenges that focus on yoga is necessary. Start with a particular yoga class challenge and set a goal for your members to practice yoga several days in a row, making it an engaging and rewarding experience for everyone involved in the challenge.

Each day can address a specific body part or have different difficulty levels. For example, you may start with easier moves on the first day and end with more challenging ones later.

2. The power of exercise challenges: the meditation challenge

Meditation can be a great addition to your exercise challenges, especially for those seeking a mental boost and physical fitness. By incorporating meditation into your yoga studio's exercise challenges, you can offer your members a well-rounded and holistic approach to wellness.

A good idea for this challenge would be to set an amount of time every day during which members can meditate. This can be between 10 and 15 minutes. Each day, you may try different types of meditation, such as mindfulness, guided, or transcendental meditation. You may set this challenge at the end of every class or specific times during the day.

3. The handstand challenge: mastering the art

Not everyone can do a handstand; even when done against a wall, handstands require a certain balance and strength. Someone working out for a while may still have difficulties doing this. That being said, if someone can do a handstand, it proves they have reached a certain fitness level.

Try a 30-day challenge where the goal is to do a handstand, either assisted or unassisted. This can involve exercises for arms and core, such as abs, planks, push-ups, and more. Each day, members must work on their balance and strength until the handstand is completed.

4. The charity exercise challenge: giving back while getting fit

This may sound like something other than a fitness challenge from the name, but you can still turn donating to charity into a fitness activity. Everyone loves a good cause, and if they get some fitness benefits out of it, then it's even better. 

Here's an idea for a charity challenge: for seven days, your studio can provide special fitness classes for the gym members. Registration fees for these classes go directly to a charity of your choice, with the option to donate more if members feel inclined. This can be a yoga class, a spin class, a stretching class – or anything else you may deem interesting for your studio. The goal would be to raise a certain amount over those seven days.

5. The 100-mile bike challenge: pushing limits and giving back

A 100-mile bike challenge is a good option for those working on their bottoms and legs. A good idea would be to set 10 miles spread across ten days, allowing the members to improve their resistance while completing an impressive 100-mile total ride. Consider making a "destination" for your ride that is the target distance away and theming the rides around that destination with music, narration, or other fun trivia.

6. The spin challenge: harness the power to get your members moving

Spin challenges suit members who want to improve their core and leg strength. If your fitness studio has bicycles with weighted flywheels, you may start a spin challenge by incrementally increasing weight to a goal.

Around 30 days would be a good option here. Adjust the weight of the bicycle to a lower point to fit a beginner level. As the days pass by, increase that tension. Those who joined will begin gaining strength as the challenge goes by.

7. The flexibility challenge: an exciting challenge for your yoga studio members

Do you have people practicing fitness movements at your studio, but their flexibility still needs to be improved? They may want to be able to do the splits, but no matter how much they work out, they still need help to reach the position. If that's the case, they'll welcome a flexibility challenge.

To put this challenge in motion, choose a position such as splits, bridges, or similar, then think about how many days it will take to reach that goal. Flexibility should be timely, so you must allow it 7-30 days, depending on your plan. You may encourage members to increase flexibility through regular classes, including restorative yoga, yin yoga, and more.

8.   The spin and strength challenge: combining the benefits of spin and strength training for optimal exercise challenges

Does the regular spin challenge seem too easy for you? Your customers may want to work on something more than their calves. Or you did the spin challenge recently and want to kick things up a notch. In that case, try this strength-focused spin challenge for 7 or 30 days, depending on the tempo of your yoga studio.

The spin and strength challenge mixes strength exercises into classic spin sessions. During a regular spin challenge, you likely spin on the bike for a specific time, take a break and then start spinning again. When strength is added, you would add strength exercises in-between spin sessions. This ups the difficulty of the class as well as the potential benefits.

9.   The spin and yoga challenge: blending cardio and flexibility with exercise challenges

If your members want to burn calories while improving their flexibility and toning their bodies, you may try the spin and yoga challenge. Like the spin and strength challenge, you make the stationary bike the main exercise – but in between reps, you set yoga moves.

Make sure that during each yoga rep, you use a different move. This will keep your members engaged and challenged to improve. You may set up limited-time classes for this challenge that range between 7 and 30 days.

The bottom line: the benefits of exercise challenges for a healthier and happier life

Everyone needs some challenge to keep them motivated. You can use this drive to improve member retention as a yoga studio owner.