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5 fun fitness challenge ideas gym owners may want to try

Corey Loehr
January 6, 2023
fitness challenge ideas

There is nothing like a good fitness challenge idea to keep your gym members engaged. Once they embark on this journey, they will be more motivated to finish it, bringing them one step closer to their goal. Some popular fitness challenge ideas include a 30-day push-up challenge, a weight loss competition, or a team-based obstacle course challenge that can be customized to fit the needs and abilities of your gym members.

If you want to boost client satisfaction, here are a couple of fitness challenges you may try at your gym.

1. The pushup challenge

Pushups are an excellent option for fitness challenge ideas to improve the strength in your arms, abs, pecs, and more. It's an essential fitness move, meaning that anyone should understand how to perform such an exercise to some extent, regardless of their fitness level. At the same time, it is a challenging exercise that needs to be worked on over time.

Set it for 30 days to get the most out of this challenge. Start with a small number of pushups they can bear and then go higher as the challenge progresses. You might start with five pushups on the first day, seven on the second, and then up to 60 on the 30th. Consider making it a gym-wide competition; who can get the most pushups in one go or in a set amount of time?

2. The squat challenge

The squat challenge will be significantly welcomed by members wanting to get that firm bottom. It is a good way to burn calories while strengthening your glutes, legs, hamstrings, and core strength. If your gym members are looking to get that firm booty, then you should challenge them with 30 days of squats.

Figure out your starting number and how many you want people to try for each day. The first day will begin with 50 squats and work up to 250. Remember that the increments need to be gradual, allowing members to grow stronger while getting used to the movement.

3. The running challenge

Running is a good move for your cardiovascular system and a great choice to burn extra fat. It's another non-intensive move, so even those who are just beginning their fitness journey can try it. A 30-day running challenge is a good option for your gym, especially if you have treadmills. Try shorter competitions that run for only a week or so. 

The goal is to start running a small distance at first and then increase those minutes as the days go by. Start small, running for just one minute on the first day and progressively growing that number. By the 30th day, those who joined the challenge will be able to run a more considerable distance much faster.

The advantage is that members do not have to go to the gym daily to perform this exercise. If the members come once every two days, they may perform this exercise by running in the park or around their neighborhood. They can hit the gym and continue the challenge on the treadmill when the weather does not allow it.

4. The burpee challenge

If you've ever been into fitness, you've heard of the term "burpee." At first, you probably laughed; something with a funny name doesn't sound like it could be that difficult to handle, but it can be an incredibly challenging exercise.

The burpee is a multipart fitness exercise that puts every muscle in your body to work. It's a good cardio movement, and at the same time, it is perfect for toning. The burpee is ideal for members who want to lose weight fast and tone their bodies efficiently. And to reap the most out of it, you should once again put it in a 30-day challenge.

Burpees are not easy, so make sure to get into them gradually. You may start members with 5-10 burpees on the first day and end with 50-100 by the last day. Break the sessions into reps of 10 to make them easier to handle. 

By the end of the 30-day challenge, your members will have built enough core strength to perform the exercise efficiently.

5. The plank challenge

Planks are the kind of exercise people look at and think it's effortless to do – until they get through the first 10 seconds, they may want to give up. Planks are a perfect option to increase your core strength and burn fat without hitting all the gym equipment.

Start small, for about 20 seconds on the first day. Planks are difficult enough as they are, so seven days may be enough for this challenge. That being said, if your members are above-intermediate levels, you may try going for 30 days. By the end, those who accepted the challenge should be able to hold the plank for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or even more. Make sure to set a goal.

For variation, try different types of planks. Begin with the standard forearm plank, and as the days go by, go for side planks, reverse planks, high planks, uneven planks, or more.

The bottom line: incorporating fitness challenge ideas into your gym's activities

Fitness challenges are a great way to keep your gym members engaged and attract new members who may need help figuring out where to start their fitness journey. Please set up a monthly challenge and see how they become stronger daily. A member that joins a challenge will be more likely to visit the gym, improving client retention frequently.

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