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4 exciting fitness challenge ideas for women about to get married

Corey Loehr
February 9, 2023
bridal fitness plan

You have the date, you've snatched the venue, and you have the excitement stored. Now two things are left to do: fitting into your wedding dress and staying healthy for your wedding day. A bridal fitness plan can help with both. You've spent all of this time picking out and tailoring the perfect dress, so staying a consistent size before the wedding is a must. Beyond that, everyone wants a happy, comfortable, and enjoyable wedding day, so a bridal fitness plan can help ensure you stay healthy and feel your best for the big day.

Someone owning or managing a gym should be able to make a lady's wedding wishes come true. You can give them the means if they want to look and feel special on their day. Here are some challenges that can help them reach their bridal goals.

The bridal fitness plan: the wedding wellness challenge

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to wake up feeling sluggish or blue, regardless of the reason. Create a wedding wellness challenge for brides-to-be who focus more on health than looks. The focus of this challenge will not necessarily be on dropping the pounds but on making them feel better overall.

This fitness challenge can include meditation, yoga, cardio, healthy recipes, and more. For example, each day may address a specific muscle area: on the first day, you are stretching the spine, and on the second, you are improving flexibility in the legs. Saturday might be a day for healthy recipes they can follow. You can make them available through webinars accessible via the gym app.

Preparing for your walk down the aisle: the bridal fitness plan journey

Exercising is a great way to get a bride looking and feeling good before her wedding. With the right exercises, she can easily ensure her custom-fit dress still fits as intended. It will also help build her strength – we all know a bride needs her power at her wedding. After all, you'll be like walking and partying all day; your legs need to handle it.

The workout challenge can be a combination of moves they can use to tone their body over the month. Ideally, the program should be well-balanced and tackle every area of the body. A good idea would be to set up an abs session on the first day, legs on the second, arms on the third, and so on. Keep the exercises in a loop.

Make sure to add some cardio in the routine, as this helps burn off the fat and improve heart health. You can set it at the beginning of every exercise session, but you may also use a day just for cardio. You should also add a "rest day" to the calendar, as the body needs to recover. You may even incorporate some stretching during that day.

The bridal bootcamp challenge

For brides serious about losing weight before their wedding, incorporating a bridal fitness plan with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) may be the solution. HIIT involves more cardio and has a higher intensity than regular workouts, making it an effective way to tone the body and drop weight quickly as part of the overall bridal fitness plan.

You may create a 30-day calendar with HIIT exercises such as burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, pushups, lunge jumps, and other activities to get your cardiovascular system going. This will trigger the body to burn more calories, which allows you to burn weight faster. As a bonus, it strengthens the cardiovascular system – perfect for a day about the heart!

The bridal beauty challenge

Some brides' worst nightmare is to wake up on their wedding day with several pimples to greet them. You can exercise all you want, but the entire day may be ruined if your body does not cooperate with you.

Proper beauty care can prevent unfortunate incidents like this from happening. You may create a skincare routine that they can follow from their gym app each day for 30 days. It might involve tips for cleansing, toning, moisturizing, makeup removal, and general skin care. You may even recommend a few products for each step if you have partnered with a dermatologist (say, for a marketing campaign).

The challenge may also include activities for deeper care, such as eating healthy and managing stress. Planning a wedding is stressful work, so giving brides a way to balance and relieve that stress can make it easier for them to keep their skin clear.

The challenge should be a series of items they should check daily. It may include regular morning/evening skincare, weekly masks, or de-stress time. Yoga and meditation can also help control the stress factor and improve skin complexion, which is why you may want to introduce them to the calendar.

The bottom line

Being a bride is difficult, primarily as the wedding draws near. That being said, you can increase a bride's confidence with the right challenges. Set these up regularly at the gym or make them available through the app. The brides-to-be will appreciate it and remember you the next time they want to improve their fitness.