Virtual gym app for businesses

Mix virtual and in-club classes and content to create a hybrid fitness experience using Hapana's virtual gym app. CAST is not just an application — it's a gateway to a personalized fitness experience. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we offer live streaming services, on-demand content, smart segmentations, and a platform to connect with a like-minded community. Our mission is to empower users to achieve their fitness goals anytime, anywhere.

Live streaming with virtual gym app

Take your gym marketing to the next level with the live-streaming online fitness app. Turn on the cameras and engage members on their terms with live-streamed classes and events using popular tools, including Airplay, Chromecast and HDMI. Offer digital-only membership packages, track attendance, and manage streaming across platforms and time zones.

Our virtual gym app offers various live classes led by your professional trainers for your online customers, wherever they are. Whether it’s yoga, barre, or Pilates, we bring the energy and motivation of a live class directly to your members. Engage in real-time, get instant feedback and be part of a virtual class environment that inspires and pushes your customer reach.

cast live streaming digital fitness content suite

Virtual gym app provides on-demand content

The CAST app understands that flexibility is key to maintaining a consistent workout regimen. That’s why we provide a vast library of on-demand fitness content for you to curate. Let your members choose what fits their mood and schedule, from quick 10-minute workouts to full-length sessions, all available at their fingertips.

Curate on-demand videos, podcasts, articles, and recipes for members. Use smart content categorizing, sorting, and tagging to create playlists, integrate for native playback, and amp up content diversity. Schedule your publication and your members will be notified when the right time comes for them to access your new content.

cast on demand digital fitness content suite

Smart segmentations using virtual gym app

Match the right content to the right user within a multi-tiered paywall system. Customize access based on location and membership type and boost digital revenue with targeted in-app offers. Each content has its target audience within the gym, so we offer a solution to target your content in any way you wish.

CAST’s smart segmentation feature offers personalized workout recommendations based on your members’ individual fitness levels, preferences, and goals. Our sophisticated algorithm analyzes each member’s interactions and performance to tailor a fitness plan that evolves with them. This personalized approach ensures they remain engaged, motivated, and on track to achieving their fitness aspirations.

cast smart segmentation digital fitness content suite

Join a connected community with Hapana’s CAST online fitness app

At Hapana, we believe in the power of community. CAST brings together fitness enthusiasts from across the globe, creating a supportive and motivating online environment. By embracing this innovative branded platform, users gain access to a world of fitness that is adaptable, personal, and truly limitless. We invite you to be part of this transformative journey and discover the difference with Hapana’s CAST.

Keep the in-club vibe going online and keep members in the loop with events, offers, and content at their fingertips. Retain the members you have with meaningful engagement and use incentives to drive referrals. 

When you keep the community connected, success is bound to happen. Hapana’s virtual gym app serves the purpose of building a community that grows together. With its robust features, including livestreaming, on-demand content, smart segmentations, and a connected community, CAST is poised to lead the digital fitness revolution.

If you have any questions, contact our team, who are happy to assist. 

cast connected community digital fitness content suite

The CMS functionality allows us to quickly and easily tailor content for each of our locations. The ease of use also allows us to roll out regional content at scale in a timely manner.


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