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Why I love Les Mills classes

Kloe Sampson
May 15, 2014
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Personally, I’m absolutely in love with Les Mills classes; there’s such an amazing variety and you can tailor your own weekly fitness routine by picking and choosing your all-time favourites, or ones that you feel best suit you. There’s something for everyone! There’s also a fabulous mix of cardio, strength and stretching, to ensure you’re getting the most out of it.Body Attack:This one is the winner in my eyes, hands down! It’s the class I’d love to teach once I’ve done all my training.It’s a high-intensity workout focussed on sports-inspired moves, with lots of interval training. It includes both aerobic and strength tracks, and goes for about 55 minutes all up.the benefits are the improvement of agility, strength, endurance and aerobic fitness… and of course all the motivating and fun tunes that help you get right into it! Body Pump:My go-to for toning and strength, Body Pump is a resistance training class using free weights. It challenges all your major muscle groups, and I can definitely guarantee you it’ll leave you feeling sore the next day! You get to choose your weights, so it’s very personalised.It allows you to boost your strength and endurance, while toning up to some motivating music.RPM:A great 45-minute indoor cycling class, RPM mimics a real bike ride, and you journey through different terrains, like flat road, hills, and finally, the dreaded mountain peaks! You’ll battle the mountains with a high resistance to build strength and endurance, and take on the flat roads with interval training and pace work to boost your aerobic fitness.This article was shared with the authors written permission. The original article can be found on

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