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The hottest fitness trends for 2015

Corey Loehr
April 29, 2015
The Hottest Fitness Trends For 2015 6 2

So, after working through the pros and cons of bodyweight training in our previous posts (if you haven’t already, see Back To Basics- The Future Of Fitness In 2015), it’s time to lay down our prediction for 2015. The future of fitness in 2015 is without a doubt going to focus on heading back to our roots.Much like the training regimes of the original Hedonists, bodyweight and free-weight training as they performed in Ancient Greece, is expected to be the hottest trend for exercise this year and I personally anticipate it will dominate fitness trends for many years to come. Anyone in the personal training industry would have seen this coming and five years ago, when I graduated as a personal trainer, the term ‘functional fitness’ was being thrown around like a 5kg medicine ball.Functional fitness, or more specifically, Calisthenics/bodyweight training is here to stay. The movement got some real momentum on social media when a guy called Hannibal For King and his friends created the group BarStarzz (695K Facebook fans)- a group of ridiculously ripped guys who performed freakishly impressive feats in an outdoor gym. Since then, a simple search for calisthenics will reveal people like Frank Medrano (pictured, 3.1 Million Facebook fans), Bar Brothers (1.6 Million Facebook fans) and others, performing workouts that both impress and deliver results. For now, I’ll stick to mastering more than 2 consecutive muscle-ups. It certainly looks more impressive than bench-pressing my bodyweight.

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