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Does a high carb and sugar diet cause memory loss?

Michelle Toocaram
May 20, 2014
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According to research from the Mayo Clinic, eating a high sugar and carbohydrate diet seemingly increases the risk of memory loss. The study of 1,230 people between 70 and 89 found that those who ate the most carbs in their lifetime were 3.6 times likely to suffer from cognitive decline including problems with memory, language, thinking and judgement.Researchers believe that sugar and carbs interfere with body's ability to metabolize glucose and insulin and therefore starve the brain.Interestingly, those who ate more fats were 42% less likely to suffer cognitive decline and those who ate more protein had a 21% reduced risk. (J Alzheimers Dis 2012; ).Word of caution: before you all rush out and eat fat and lots of protein, its important to eat the right fats and good quality protein.... plus lots of vegetables and fruits as well as a moderate amount of unprocessed carbohydrates.This article was shared with the authors' written permission. It has been edited for One Fit Stop. The article originally appeared at

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