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New tools every GM needs for fitness studio growth in 2024

Chelsea Erieau-Larkin
January 30, 2024
Photo from Mary Eineman on Unsplash. New tools every GM needs for fitness studio growth in 2024

General managers in the fitness industry wear every hat, every day - and it seems their hat rack grows larger by the hour. Their roles have morphed into a mind-bending mix of strategist, efficiency ninja, and digital whiz. To conquer this ever-evolving landscape, GMs need an arsenal of tools built for their goals: crushing member experience, streamlining operations, and mastering the financial tightrope. This ain't your grandpa's fitness game, so buckle up as we explore the essential gear to propel your studio to new heights of success in 2024.

Data analytics tools

In today's data-driven world, understanding your members' every move isn’t creepy – it's the key to growth. Tools like Amplitude and Mixpanel become your crystal balls, revealing member behaviors, engagement patterns, and the dreaded churn monster. These tools help you know which classes are hotter than a spin session in July, when the gym is a ghost town, and why some folks end up falling off the wagon. 

With real-time insights, you can personalize services, optimize schedules, and basically become the pied piper of fitness, bringing members back for more.  And don't forget rising stars like Wodify, offering in-depth performance tracking.

Centralized database tools

Think of a centralized customer database as your member whisperer. It gathers intel from every corner of the studio, piecing together a complete picture of each individual's journey. From their first "hello" to their third bicep-bulging selfie, it knows their favorite classes, trainers, and even that embarrassing protein shake incident nobody talks about. 

This holistic view lets you craft laser-targeted communication, sending offers and updates that hit them right in the feels. No more generic spam – it's all about personalization, baby! If you’re a huge operation, look to legacy tools like Mindbody. If you’re an ambitious franchisee, Hapana is your best bet for a tailored solution for growing studios, stacked with features to manage your members.

Experimentation platforms

Innovation and member satisfaction are like peanut butter and jelly – inseparable. Platforms like Optimizely and VWO become your playground for A/B testing everything from your website layout to membership packages. Want to know if Tuesday morning yoga is a snoozefest or a goldmine? Test it! Wondering if offering avocado toast in the smoothie bar is genius or gut-wrenching? Test it! 

By methodically tweaking and measuring, you discover what makes your members tick, leading to higher conversion rates and a studio that's constantly evolving, just like that ripped physique they're working towards.

Lifecycle marketing tools

Keeping members engaged throughout their fitness journey is like tending a prize-winning pumpkin patch – you need to give them TLC at every stage. We recommend and Braze for your watering cans, letting you send personalized messages via email, SMS, or even carrier pigeon if that's their jam. You can welcome newbies with a high-five series, sending motivational nudges to keep attendance on fire, and winning back those on the verge of dropping out with a re-engagement campaign. 

By speaking directly to their needs and interests at every step, you build deeper connections, boost satisfaction, and watch your member herd flourish. Tools like ActiveCampaign can automate personalized emails based on member activity and interests, keeping them engaged.

Project management tools

Chaos is the enemy of any business, especially one filled with sweaty bodies and clanging weights. Enter Notion, offering a one-stop shop for managing projects, tasks, and team communication. From daily operations and staff schedules to epic member events and strategic planning, it keeps everything organized and humming like a well-oiled machine. 

Figma joins the party as your design BFF, letting you collaborate on marketing materials, website updates, and even the layout of the studio itself. And for the data geeks out there, Hex becomes your secret weapon, crunching member numbers, forecasting trends, and helping you make decisions based on cold, hard facts (the kind your gut sometimes forgets).


The fitness landscape in 2024 is ripe with opportunity, especially for studios equipped with the right tools. By embracing the strategies and gear outlined here, you can transform your studio into a member magnet, optimize operations, and master the financial tightrope with grace (and maybe a safety net – just in case). 

We’re biased, but we think Hapana is one of the best tools out there for GMs. Hapana not only simplifies management but also enhances the performance of your business. With features like live virtual classes, easy payment processing, and member performance tracking across various fitness styles like Pilates, Yoga, and Barre, Hapana is the comprehensive solution for modern fitness studios.

Remember, it's not just about the latest treadmill or trendiest spin class – it's about understanding your members, nurturing their journey, and building a community where everyone feels like they belong. So, grab your toolbox, GMs, and let's crush it in 2024.

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