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Focus on your passion, we’ll do the rest

Corey Loehr
April 2, 2015
Focus on your passion we will do the rest 3 2

Life is short. The reality of it is that most of it will be spent working to pay for the costs of living. Yet how many people are currently doing the job that they love? How many are able to wake up every morning with a drive to do their very best in their field? Not many is our guess.

OneFitStop helps personal trainers and fitness professionals to grow and manage their businesses, wherever they are.

We love fitness.We love that you love fitness, and we’re here to help you succeed as a fitness professional or a fitness enthusiast.You may ask, why?Our answer would be something like this:Every year, the health of Australians decreases as obesity rates climb and our quality of life falls victim to the side effects of take away food, high calorie meals, general laziness and a disregard for personal health. In comes the fitness professional; reminding people that they weren’t always these great big blobs of self doubt and insecurity. Fitness professionals are there in the early mornings and late nights, working with people to achieve their personal goals and helping them to feel great about themselves.What a gift to give to someone else!Unfortunately, many fitness professionals forget to be professionals when it comes to running a business. It’s why nearly 50% of all personal trainers drop out of the industry in the first 2 years and why out of 1,200 trainers who we surveyed, nearly 50% are earning $45,000 or less. After forking out around $5,000 to pay for a Cert IV course and CECs, you would think that people would want a return for it!This is not acceptable.We understand that you may not be as good with business as you are with bench-pressing and that’s fine, we’re here for you. OneFitStop is a team of fitness obsessed, personal trainers, business people and tech-stars who work hard for your business to succeed at what it does best. Think of us like the gym bag you take with you, fileld with your training gear. Could you train without it? Probably. But the right gear makes all the difference to the end result.We’ve focused on all the necessary (and often time consuming) tasks of scheduling, advertising, payment collection, assessments, programming, recording client progress and sending invoices, so that you can focus on building your relationship with your client and working ON your business, not in it.It’s time you demanded the same results from yourself that you do from your clients. Set and reach your financial goals, challenge yourself to achieve more and stay in business long enough to make a difference to the lives of the many who need it in this beautiful country.Let’s change fitness forever.Let’s grow together.Team OneFitStop.