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Going Mobile: How to Make Sure Your Fitness Studio is Mobile Ready

Corey Loehr
November 28, 2017

The Internet has become the most important marketing tool for fitness studios. Current trends show more users search for websites on their phones compared to traditional desktops. According to a recent SimilarWeb study, based on 77 billion website visits, mobile devices account for over 56% of search engine traffic. Considering this, it's obvious your digital presence needs to be a mobile one. When building your fitness studio’s website, you need to make sure it's compatible for mobile use.

What's a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Look around your fitness studio. Most (if not all) of your members are within arms reach of their mobile device. A mobile friendly site is essential to the success of your fitness studio.Conventional desktop fitness studio websites will not read well on mobile devices. A mobile ready website is a site that's designed to display all of your fitness studio content on smaller screens, especially smartphones.Mobile websites are designed to adjust to the smaller screen size of your smartphone while formatting your interface content in a mobile friendly manner. This includes:

  • Large, easier to read text.
  • User-friendly smartphone navigation.
  • Touch-friendly page elements, icons and buttons.
  • Faster download speeds.

Additionally, a mobile friendly website will improve user experience, search engine visibility, lead generation and brand identity. If your current website isn’t mobile ready, you need to invest in an upgrade.

How to Tell if Your Fitness Studio Website is Mobile Ready

This is actually easier than you think. Start by visiting your website on your personal mobile device. What experience do you have as a user?Things to consider when testing the mobile readiness of your fitness studio website:

  • Does your website scale to display all of your content on a mobile screen?
  • Can you easily read all the text?
  • Can your members access all of your current pages on their mobile device?
  • Does your site have a fast mobile upload speed?
  • Can you see all of the icons and push buttons?
  • Is navigation user friendly on your mobile site?

If you're still not sure, Google offers a mobile friendly test to check your fitness studio website. All you do is enter your URL and Google will tell you if your website is mobile ready.

Creating a Mobile Ready Website

If your current fitness studio website isn’t mobile ready, converting it to a mobile friendly format is a wise investment. You'll need to hire a web developer to add the right coding to your current site. Making your website mobile ready may be as simple as updating your existing page templates. On the other hand, it may require a heftier overhaul. Either way, you can maintain your current design plan and content. Considering how many people are searching the Internet on their mobile device, it's worth the investment.

The Power of Mobile Fitness Apps

In 2016, the United States took second place in revenue earned from fitness apps, earning a staggering $433.3 million. Additionally, the number of Americans using fitness apps is continuing to grow, and is expected to double by 2021.Fitness studio members want an enhanced user experience - even after they leave your studio. Mobile apps allow members to book and pay for classes, purchase merchandise, track fitness progress, share their fitness progress with fellow community members and more. With a mobile ready website, the more likely your members will hop on their mobile device to visit your website. If they like to visit your site, they’ll be more likely to encourage their friends and family to visit your site too.If you own a fitness studio, having a mobile ready website is crucial to brand development and marketing success. A mobile ready website helps you to meet your goals for your fitness studio, generates leads, and get you on your way to increased sales.Revamping your fitness studio website to make it mobile friendly is simple and highly effective. You'll be glad that you made the effort, and your members will be too!

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