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7 Glofox Alternatives & Competitors | 2024 Reviews & Pricing

Chelsea Erieau-Larkin
March 7, 2024
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When scaling, the right gym management software is crucial to making good decisions, reducing friction, and maintaining high levels of satisfaction among staff and members. At Hapana, we understand the significance of choosing the right software to optimize your gym's operations. That's why we've taken the initiative to explore, trial, and analyze the top Glofox alternatives available in 2024. 

Our comprehensive research process involved a deep dive into each software's features, pricing, and user feedback.

We engaged directly with existing users and sifted through countless reviews to ensure our evaluations were as unbiased and informative as possible. While we're proud of what Hapana offers and consider our platform a strong contender, our goal with this review is to present a balanced view and help you find the software solution that best meets your needs as you scale.

The 7 best Glofox software competitors for scaling

  1. PerfectGym for low-turnover studios
  2. Hapana for optimizing as you scale
  3. Momence for new startups
  4. Wodify for CrossFit 
  5. Jonas Fitness for health services 
  6. Mindbody for big box clubs
  7. Club Ready for full-service health clubs

What makes the best studio management software for scaling?

How we evaluate and test gym management software

When we set out to review the top alternatives to Glofox for gym and fitness studio management, we decided to use both thorough research and real-world applications. We've painstakingly combed through a wealth of user feedback, drawing insights from our internal team's experiences and the direct accounts of clients who've interacted with these platforms firsthand.

Our aim wasn't just to compile a list but to deeply understand what sets each software apart regarding value to fitness studios and gyms - something useful for us at Hapana as we innovate for the future.

What makes a good studio management software?

In taking on this analysis, we looked for software that balances five critical aspects, informed by our daily conversations with studio and gym owners. These conversations highlighted a common yearning for reliability and outstanding customer service, elements that are often lacking yet impact the bottom line (and the mental health) of the owners we chat with constantly.

Based on this, the ideal Glofox competitor excels in:

User-Friendliness: Simplifying the complexities of gym management, from memberships and scheduling to billing, is paramount. The chosen software should foster an environment where operational tasks are managed with ease and efficiency.

Versatility: A suite of features that caters to diverse management needs – scheduling, client management, and financial oversight – ensuring smooth and effective studio operation.

Communication: The capability to maintain clear and timely communication with members, employing notifications and reminders to keep everyone informed and engaged.

Design simplicity: A clean, inviting user interface that marries functionality with form, enhancing the overall user experience.

Comprehensiveness: In today's interconnected world, the software must guarantee seamless data integration and accessibility across multiple devices, ensuring operational continuity wherever you are.

Our search for the best Glofox alternatives in 2024 centers on finding solutions that meet these foundational requirements, and also have bonuses that add something extra to the gym management experience - whether through innovation or superior service. 

This review aims to spotlight options that stand out both for their features and their ability to deliver a consistently excellent and glitch-free user experience (unfortunately, this can be a very tall order).

The best Glofox competitor for low-budget studios


PerfectGym has a decent ability to streamline operations through automation, offering a fairly comprehensive functionality. This software is particularly suited for studios with low turnover, aiming to optimize their operational efficiency and improve member engagement without spending big money.

Users often appreciate its extensive feature set, including reporting tools and membership management. A highlight from a positive review mentions its "intuitive design and ease of use, making gym management a breeze."

However, some users have reported challenges with customization options and the responsiveness of customer support. A negative review points out "occasional difficulties with software customization and reaching support."

While PerfectGym capabilities work well for low-budget gyms, Hapana offers tailored solutions that may better address specific challenges faced by fitness studios and gyms that are scaling, particularly in terms of customization and customer support. However, if you’re a studio or gym with low turnover and not looking to scale anytime soon, PerfectGym is a potential alternative to Glofox.

The best Glofox competitor for optimizing as you scale


Hapana stands out in the fitness management software realm thanks to its sleek interface and user-friendly design, prioritizing scalability for gym owners and a seamless experience for clients. Unlike other platforms bogged down by complex navigation, Hapana offers simplicity without sacrificing functionality, making tasks like class bookings and membership management effortless for staff and users alike.

What truly sets Hapana apart is its laser focus on the needs of fitness studios and gyms. With features tailored to address industry-specific challenges, such as managing multiple locations and providing in-depth analytics, Hapana ensures that its clients have the tools they need to succeed. This specialized approach distinguishes it from broader wellness platforms, where gym-specific functionalities may be less refined.

But it's not just about the features. Hapana's commitment to customer support and community engagement truly shines. With a responsive support team, thorough onboarding process, and ongoing user engagement efforts, Hapana goes above and beyond to ensure that clients get the most out of their software investment. This personalized touch fosters a sense of belonging and importance among users, setting Hapana apart in an industry where individuality can often get lost in the crowd.

The best Glofox competitor for new startups


Momence is a good option for new startups looking to enhance client relationships and operational efficiency. Many choose Momence if they're looking for a cheaper alternative to some of the big box studio management software - the features can be a bit limited, but the price and inital feature set are okay if you're just starting out.

However, limitations such as the inability to book multiple appointments simultaneously for clients without the same membership package, as well as some UI issues, hint at areas for improvement. There are several complaints about intuitiveness.

Momence is well-suited for new startups, with a strong focus on customer engagement and retention tools. It's a great starting point for businesses prioritizing ease of use and client relationships. However, for organizations looking to scale, Hapana offers more robust solutions. Its comprehensive feature set supports multi-site operations, deeper analytics, and a wider array of integrations, making it better suited for growth and the complex needs of expanding fitness studios.

The best Glofox competitor for CrossFit


​​Wodify is a classic competitor to Glofoc. What makes Wodify stand out is its intentional design  for the CrossFit community. The platform's strength lies in its ability to provide an intuitive experience for both gym owners and their clients, simplifying some of the complexity of class scheduling, performance tracking, and member engagement.

Wodify's customization capabilities are relatively decent, allowing gyms to tailor the software to their unique brand identity. This adaptability extends to the member experience, encouraging users' sense of belonging and loyalty. Moreover, the introduction of their mobile app has boosted how members interact with their fitness journey, making workout tracking and class bookings easier for Crossfit enthusiasts.

However, navigating the Wodify ecosystem has its challenges. The platform's ambitious feature set and focus on customization can occasionally feel overwhelming to new users, and some gyms have noted a desire for broader integration capabilities with other software tools. Pricing, too, can be a consideration for smaller setups. Still, for those deeply embedded in the CrossFit way of life, the value proposition of Wodify's comprehensive solution often outweighs these concerns.

In the final analysis, Wodify's commitment to innovation and strong support structure mark it as a formidable Glofox competitor, particularly for CrossFit gyms looking to enhance their operational efficiency and community engagement.

The best Glofox competitor for health services

Jonas Fitness

Jonas Club Management is an older software often used in the health services and even hospital management sector. Its good design and robust functionality have been honed over time. Jonas offers a comprehensive suite that can adapt to the intricate needs of health facilities where Glofox might struggle.

Users appreciate its intuitive interface, simplifying complex processes from invoicing to member tracking, making it a favored tool among administrators who value time and accuracy. Jonas also does a good job incorporating feedback to introduce features that further streamline operations and enhance user engagement.

Despite its many strengths, Jonas faces challenges, notably in its steep learning curve for new users and its integration capabilities with specific external systems. However, its helpful customer support and the software's comprehensive nature make Jonas Club Management an ideal candidate for health services and hospitals seeking a reliable, all-encompassing management solution.

The best Glofox competitor for big box clubs


Mindbody is an old guard in gym management software, especially for the biggest of big box gyms. Its extensive suite of features ensures that every facet of gym management is covered, from intricate scheduling systems to a wide array of client engagement tools.

Mindbody offers personalized support that guides gym owners through the nuances of its platform. Mindbody's support team functions as a bridge, turning potential complexities into streamlined processes. This level of assistance is paramount for the largest facilities that require efficiency and scalability in their operations.

However, Mindbody's power comes with a learning curve. Its vast capabilities mean new users must invest a lot of time mastering its systems. It can also be clunky, since it's an older piece of software. However, for the absolute biggest box gyms, Mindbody is still a good and comprehensive alternative to Glofox.

The best Glofox competitor for full-service health clubs

Club Ready

When it comes to managing a full-service health club, ClubReady is a solid Glofox competitor. It's designed to be comprehensive, catering to nearly every aspect of club management.

It aims to do everything from keeping detailed member profiles to managing sales and inventory. However, it's not without its quirks. Users have reported it feeling outdated and clunky at times, making navigation and system updates challenging.

Despite these hiccups, it's praised for its depth of functionality. Comparatively, Hapana offers a more streamlined, modern solution, especially suited for businesses managing multiple locations. ClubReady, with its all-encompassing approach, might appeal to those looking for extensive features, albeit with a steeper learning curve and some patience for its less-than-modern interface.

Other Glofox Alternative Software options

We also considered these alternative software options to Glofox - check them out and see if one suits you better. These were all crossed off the list since they weren't comprehensive enough for our purposes.

  • Zen Planner: Scheduling management for small to medium-sized fitness businesses. 
  • WellnessLiving: Marketing tools and a client-friendly interface. 
  • Vagaro: Known for its ease of use and strong customer service.
  • FitMetrix by Mindbody: Targets health clubs with performance tracking and member engagement tools.
  • Trainerize: Provides personal training software for fitness professionals looking to manage their clients remotely.

Which is the Best Glofox Alternative Software overall?

Considering the unique features, flexibility, and user-friendly interface, Hapana is the best Glofox alternative overall. It offers a balanced blend of management tools, scalability for fitness businesses of all sizes, and exceptional customer support, making it a favorable choice for those seeking comprehensive software solutions.

Hapana's dedication to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of the fitness industry positions it as a standout option for gym and studio management.

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